Kajal (kah.jàl) by Kimberly

Makeup is more than an accessory for Kimberly, it is a lifelong passion. Such passion has molded into an artform through more than 15 years experience with the top lines, most recently M.A.C. Kimberly has attained such certifications as Fashion Show, Bollywood Cinema, and High Definition.  Her mentors include the most talented in the industry from the likes of: Mickey Contractor, Bobbi Brown and M.A.C. Pro artists. Such certifications have enabled her to study makeup techniques through all mediums available. Inspired by her extensive world travel, she adapts her artful style to many cultures.  

The culmination of Kimberly's vast background in makeup artistry is most visible within her clients.  She specializes in enhancing an individual's unique beauty for the most important occasions.  Kimberly's approach parallels her outlook on life: Training is never complete; it evolves based on continued inspiration.




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